Finding Peace In A Caravan Park

How I Finally Relaxed in a Caravan Park Near Lytham St. Annes

I’m sure you’ve seen the flashy interpretations of OCD in film and television…

A montage of attractive, handsome people washing their hands with looks of consternation on their face. A comic moment of character tapping a door handle for ‘good luck’. These stereotypes have become the lexicon for how OCD is misunderstood by the masses and it suggests that the condition is more of a whimsical trait than a debilitating condition that is rooted in anxiety.

If a movie was made about me then the first thing the director would focus on would be my fastidiousness. My parents always noted that I was a very tidy child. I wasn’t a picky eater, but I was careful. I’d take my time to make sure that every mouthful was the right size and that there was no residual food left on the handle of my cutlery. I cried when food fell from my fork and had tantrums when my bib was stained in anyway. My parents certainly didn’t have it easy.

As I grew up these tendencies became more and more pronounced, minus the tantrums.

Holidays were always particularly difficult. My Mother soon learned that my anxiety would be kept in check if our home was kept tidy, but there was no way of keeping the world outside in order. The best favour she did me was to enlist me in the Scouts. Although both my parents knew that the culture shock of camping would not sit well with me, their perseverance led to me learning that in adverse conditions, I could be the one in control of my anxiety, rather than the other way around.

Summer holidays with the Scouts were equal parts chaos and order.

I missed my bedroom terribly, but soon found that there were rules and systems in the campsite that could be followed and adhered to. The first summer camp that I went to was a trial by fire that helped me break a number of my own taboos and has led to me embracing more outdoor holidays, despite my ongoing issues. Although I’ll rarely choose to camp with others, I’ve found peace wild-camping in the great outdoors, far from the untidiness of other campers. Whilst these rural breaks are undoubtedly enjoyable, they can get lonely, which is why I recently attempted to push my boundaries once more.

Mowbreck Park is a caravan park near Lytham St. Annes on the Fylde coast of Lancashire.

I’d not stayed in a caravan park before, however I’d heard that they are often very well ordered places where residents and visitors alike take pride in the presentation of their holiday homes. My hopes were high, finally a holiday that I could enjoy with others, in a rural place where order was still respected. After a weekend away in this slice of bucolic English land, I’m happy to report that I’m a caravan convert! Whilst I’m sure there are other caravan parks in the Fylde Coast area that might not be so well put together, Mowbreck Park offered the perfect balance between tidiness and comfort. My fellow campers were a cheery bunch, who were just as happy keeping to themselves as they were chatting with their neighbours, I left instantly wanting to book another trip…

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