FearFighter in Take a Break Magazine – Replay..

March 2012 : FearFighter is featured in the Spring Issue of Take a Break magazine by Health Editor: Ann Kent

See Judith’s Story (Agoraphobic)………… “Three minutes outside was my limit ….. I searched the internet and found out about the FearFighter computer program which teaches you how to cope with anxiety. I knew it was sometimes possible to get it on the NHS, but I decided to pay the £197 cost myself. I found the program comforting and structured and it took me 12 weeks to work through, with phone support.

I learnt that I couldn’t harm myself by facing my fears and that I should increase the number of minutes I spent outside the house. Sometimes I’d get angry and think : I’m dying here, what do the people on FearFighter know about it?. But afterwards I’d be happy that I’d achieved a little bit more….. I would advise anyone who is suffering in silence to do the same.

See the full story on page 16 of the Take A Break Magazine – Spring 1 Edition or watch her video How an Agoraphobic who couldn’t leave her house, changed her life in weeks

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