About Us

Founded in 2005, CCBT Limited is an innovator and world leader in delivering evidence based computer-aided cognitive behavioural therapy (CCBT).  The FearFighter™ Treatment is the only product endorsed by a national regulator (NICE in the UK – TA097) for an Anxiety Treatment. In 2010 the company released its Calmer Series (a suite of psycho-education products) and announced the release of new products for OCD, Depression, Substance Abuse and Insomnia.  Already at the forefront of providing online psychiatric treatments and self help, we are now leading the market as the developer of choice for clinicians wishing to take their treatments to larger communities and establishing our healthcare platform as the leading international platform for treatment delivery.  Our treatments and programs are in use in the NHS, insurance sector, healthcare providers and by national charities.


Treatments for:

      • Anxiety
      • Substance Abuse and Depression
      • Insomnia
      • OCD
      • Low Mood and Depression

Plus educational programs for depression and healthy lifestyles.

Product Features

      •  Multi step interventions
      •  2 to 9 hours of online treatment time (dependent upon condition)
      •  Full outcome measurement tracking
      •  Patient management and governance module (Enterprise Product)
      •  Patient support options, eMail, Telephone and Face to Face
      •  80% reduction in therapist time
      •  Financial savings of up to 70% of equivalent treatment for equivalent outcome

The CCBT Enterprise platform also offers clinicians and service providers the ability to design and implement their own treatments on a global eHealth platform.

      • We have a portfolio of evidenced based treatments including FearFighter™ which is Recommended by the National Institute of  Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in the UK for being clinically and cost effective;
      • We have a Research network including Prof Isaac Marks and Dr Benjamin Bunney, with many years of experience in providing the tools to help researchers deploy innovative behavioural healthcare programs.  Programs have been studied in academic, clinical and national health systems;
      • We have created a proprietary development platform to enable the efficient and effective development of programs. The back office enables data to be collected efficiently and effortlessly and streamlines the transition from concept or content to a finished program;
      • We are currently developing for three continents across five countries and four languages;
      • Delivery can be via: PC; Mac; web-based; Tablets or Apps.

As well as delivering our traditional services we are now working on signposting and diagnostic solutions to support healthcare providers, insurance companies and employee assistance program providers.  Based in Birmingham (UK), we now have partners in Holland, Denmark, Australia and North America for whom we do development of product, internationalisation of our own portfolio and publishing of local treatments and self help products.

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Tel: +44 0121 288 1904